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Corey Clement, Philadelphia Eagles

Corey Clement #30 Running Back, Philadelphia Eagles

Welcome to Corey Clement’s website. Here you’ll find all the information related to Corey and a way to connect with him. Corey will be using his website as a way to keep his fans up-to-date on things he is up to on and off the field. 

Since 2017, Corey has been playing with Philadelphia Eagles as a Running Back. Corey Clement is a young, stand up gentleman, who has a good head on his shoulders.

Corey’s interest in football began when he was five years old. He was heavily involved in football, basketball, and track. But there was always something about football that kept him motivated and always going.

The physical nature of the sport allowed him to relieve stress feel more and feel more comfortable than the other sports that he played. Once he found out he was really good at the sport, he wanted to keep going and that continued all the way through high school, and college. Today he’s playing his dream job in the NFL playing and loving every second of it.

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